At Livinglinks we produce high-quality, detailed graphic design.

We offer a complete range of graphic design and web development services as well as web and marketing support to clients throughout the bay area. Let us help your company achieve its business and communication goals in the new year.

Let our graphic creations supplement and enhance your marketing, editorial, and educational projects. Our experienced designers are always willing to assist your design and production teams.

Our experienced designers have clientele among companies such as:

  • Esprit International, Northface, Levi-Strauss Co
  • Waite Group Press, Landkamer Hamer Design,
  • U.C. Extension ~ Marketing Dept.,
  • City of Berkeley, Chiron Corporation,
  • Oakland Museum ~ Education Dept.,
  • Federal Highway Administration,
    Action for Nature
    Livinglinks Health Media Bookstore.

AT LIVINGLINKS, we have a logo consisting of three connected ovals. Essentially, this is a model of the biological inclination to create connections.

The fields of computing and business find a metaphor in the interactive aspects of cell biology. A 'Living Link' refers, in part, to the biology that connects living cells.

Our logo represents successful connections; the inner aspects work in balance, and in turn, the whole works in balance with the outer world.

Established companies find specialized design support in our firm. We keep up to date in new publishing trends to provide our clients with efficient solutions.
At Livinglinks we are making connections that result in successful growth and productivity.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Livinglinks. We hope to hear from you soon!